Introduction evenings

On top of learning more about our society and activities, the introduction evenings offers you an excellent opportunity to ask questions about SMil and BDSM in general. The introductions starts at 18.30 and continues until 20.00, at which time the normal member evenings start. You are on that night welcome to stay until 22.00, to have a couple of hours together with the members at SMil. Please note you must be at least 18 years old to visit SMil.

If you following the intro decide to sign up for a membership of SMil, you are very welcome to stay the whole evening after 22.00. If you are joining on a Friday introduction, you are not obliged to follow the normal dress code for Friday night, but nevertheless please take into consideration when planning to attend, to dress up a bit. The atmosphere is lifted when everyone’s has done something special about their attire.

The introduction nights are free of charge and non-committal. You can join SMil Copenhagen on the first night at the introduction, or you can choose to leave SMil Copenhagen with a special experience and a registration form to join later.

For English speaking persons there will be a special introduction evening in English every second month. Look in the calendar to know exactly when. No sign up is needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail at