How to become a member

To become a member of SMil, you’re required to attend an introduction evening. These introduction evenings do not require registration and are free and noncommittal, so you don’t need to send a mail about your attendance. You can become a member of SMil on the introduction evening or receive a registration form to take home if you’d like to think about it. With a registration form you can come back later on another day on an ordinary members evening and sign up to become a member.


When becoming a member of SMil, you pay a fixed membership fee based on either a three-month membership or a one-year discounted membership that gives you access to SMil’s activities. To accommodate members who can not participate more than once a month, we also offer a variable membership. With this you pay a smaller amount than the fixed membership on a yearly basis and at each visit. To start, we recommend joining for three months, so you can participate regularly and quickly become comfortable.

Find out more about membership prices here.