How to become a member

SMil is open for everybody with an interest for BDSM, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

You are welcome to visit us on an introduction evening. The introduction evenings offers you an excellent opportunity to ask questions about SMil and BDSM in general. The introduction nights are free of charge and noncommittal. You can join SMil København on the first night at the introduction, or you can choose to leave SMil København with a special experience and a registration form to join later.

To become a member, it is mandatory to participate in an introduction. As a new member, you can participate in the monthly arrangements for new members, called “Ny i SMil” (New in SMil).

The membership fee is based on a 3 month membership, which is what we recommends to begin with. When you renew, you can chose to pay for a year, which gives you a large discount. If you prefer, you can choose a variable membership, which is cheaper, but you have to pay a fee every time you enter SMil. This is a good opportunity if you can only attend a few times a year.

Membership fee per March 1st 2011
Registration fee 100 kr

Be aware that when joining, your membership fee will be regulated according to our fixed renewal dates. This means that the amount can be adjusted up to 4 month or down to 2 month depending on the date where you join.

The renewal dates are the 1st of March, June, September and December.

3 month
Fixed fee
390 kr
12 month
Fixed fee
1170 kr
12 month
Variable fee
490 kr
65 kr to be payed in the bar every time you enter SMil