SMil has several groups for different interests, called “interessegrupper” (interest groups). Some of the groups are about active BDSM, while others are more about information, or have a more social purpose.

Some of the member offerings are not established groups, but just coordinated recurring events. The groups are one of the strongholds of SMil, as it gives a varied palette of offerings, arranged by the members themselves. This is the essence of SMil: An organisation for the members, created and driven by the members.

Open and closed groups

Open groups

Open groups are groups where you can come without an invitation, as long as you are a member of SMil. Of course some groups have requirements for participants, such as age, sexual orientation or activity, but if you identify yourself with the group, you simply show up at the group’s events.

Closed groups

A closed group is not as closed as it may sound. When a group is closed, it means that you must be approved by the group leaders before attending. Most often, it is agreed that you participate once as a mutual test.

It sounds more mysterious than it really is. The group may simply try to provide a secure atmosphere, or manage a reasonable gender distribution. Or the group wants to monitor the flow of new members into the group, so that new members can be integrated into the group before even more new ones arrive. But ask the group.

If you want to participate in the events of a closed group, send a mail to the group. The mail address can be found on the contact page.

The groups

Where relevant, the Danish name is shown in parentheses to help you find it on the contact page.

The workshops

SMil has two workshops: the latex workshop (Latexworkshoppen) and the leather workshop (Læderworkshoppen). The workshops are open for all members to create tools and latex clothes. We create whips, cuffs, collars, latex clothes – yes, only your imagination is the limit. We have all the tools, you only pay for the materials. Good templates and some experience are available, so if you’re inexperienced in working with leather or latex, help is available.

The photo group (Fotogruppen)

Pictures say more than 1000 words. This is true in the BDSM and fetish world as well. The group is open for everyone who love to make pictures, and not at least those who want to model for pictures.

The Video group (Videogruppen)

The video group is an offer for members and groups where you can have a video shot for your own use or for the group. The recordings can be used in many ways and can come in many designs.

SMug – the place for the young BDSM people

SMug is the youth group of SMil Copenhagen. It is for everyone who wishes to enjoy BDSM amongst people of the same age. Whether you are S, m, switch, into everything or just half of it, completely experienced, or new in the game, SMug is your place if you are between 18 and 35. If you are over 35, you can still attend if your partner is below 35.

You can

Dark Sensibility

Dark Sensibility is a group of experienced BDSM people in all ages, with years of experience in the black universe.

The group’s goal is to promote and enhance the safe and clear framework for serious and clear-cut BDSM people, whether they are dominants, masochists or submissives.
Furthermore to treat each other with respect and accept the differences of people, and the different sexual preferences.

 The Latex Lodge (Latexlogen)

The smell, the sound and the visual impression. A body totally covered in latex and transformed into one big erogenous zone.

The tight latex caressing your body, restricting movement and denying your skin the ability to breathe freely. The loose latex clinging to your body caressing you even at the slightest movement.

The suppressed craving and deeply felt need to again and again dress up, wear and wrap yourself in this wonderful material…

Do you recognize yourself?

You can

Peer Rope Copenhagen

Peer Rope Copenhagen (PRC) was established in 2010 and is an open group in SMil Copenhagen, where we typically meet 1st Sunday and 4th Wednesday of the month. The purpose is to offer qualified bondage tuition, as well as a safe place to meet and tie for all members of SMil and their guests (according to SMil’s rules for guests).

Alternative Rope Laps

In the Alternative Rope Lab, we start from bodily and spiritual practices and explore together how they can be combined with rope bondage. The starting point can be dance, yoga, tantra, shamanism, martial arts, contact improvisation, or something else depending on the initiative and contribution of the participants.
Alternative Rope Lab is a co-creative space where everyone is expected to contribute to the exploration of the topic of the day. There is no teaching, and we thus learn and develop through each other. But if you are passionate about a topic and you would like to make some kind of presentation about it and how you imagine it can be combined with rope, you are welcome to do so.


Motto: Make ropes dirty again

Purpose: Purpose of this group is to focus on rope and play, how to use rope safely and securely in a play session, being gentle or hard.

The focus is not on the traditional bondage, but the application of these. Emphasis will be placed on the basics and safety being in order, but it is the dynamics between rigger and model that are central to the group. So it is not a group to learn fundamental ties. For that, we suggest Peer Rope Copenhagen.

Topics that can be touched, on are e.g. Transitions, Predicaments, Demonstrations, Torture Bindings, Playing with Ropes, Fuckties, and more.

Target group: The group is open to everyone, but it is expected that participants know the fundamental ties, and bind in a safe way.

Kinbaku Study

Kinbaku Study is a closed group where members share a community around structured learning of Japanese bondage.
The group meets regularly 1-2 times a month and trains according to an organised programme.


SMag aims to arrange 3-4 annual parties for all members of our lovely association. Contact us if you have questions, suggestions, rice or praise for our parties. Find our email address on the contact page.

 Copenhagen FemDom Society

Copenhagen FemDom Society is a sanctuary where Dommes can meet and exchange experiences. We offer an environment in which both new, inexperienced and experienced Dommes can feel safe and get answers to any questions (there are no stupid questions!). Everything takes place on a voluntary basis. The individual Domme controls independently her own slave / sub, and in which activities he will participate.

 FemDom Conference Copenhagen

FemDom Conference Copenhagen is a vision and an intention of becoming the most comprehensive educational event dedicated to FemDom and Female Led Relationships.

Our team of Dominant Women and submissives are committed to spread knowledge about Female Domination. We aim to organize FemDom focused events, and an entire weekend of inspiring talks and workshops on various topics that are speaking to your mind, body, and soul.

Our mission is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and strengthen our relationships within the FemDom Community.

Do you want to join us on this journey? Send an email for further information.


MasterGames is a closed interest group for Dominant Men. The group’s primary purpose is to create a forum for mutual inspiration, exchange of experiences. At Mastergames events, group members can invite their subordinates along.

At the group’s closed events, there will often be a high degree of interaction between the participants, which is why great mutual trust is required between the Gentlemen. Normally, membership of the group will be based on invitation and membership of the group will therefore only be offered if the applicant is known by several of the group members and these will vouch for the applicant’s.

The group arranges various events where D / s is in the forefront, and everyone is expected to participate actively.

The group will regularly hold open D / s evenings with established dress code and common house rules. At these events, all Dominant Men and their submissive are welcome, however, there may be a limit to the number of participants.

Mastergames also has other activities such as HerreLoungen which is a meeting place for Dominant men where we talk about the topics that concern us and share experiences. In the Men’s Lounge, the subjects are not usually participants, but may in special cases be invited to the individual event.


PeerSub is a group of submissive women where we have the opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences and support each other. Whether you are a slave girl, a brat, a masochist or something else, you are welcome as long as you see yourself as a bottom in the BDSM game.

The group is meant as a safe haven where we accept each other and our differences – and where you can deal with things that may be difficult to talk about. Especially as new to BDSM (or in the universe) there is a lot to relate to and learn, and we will do our best to help with that.


Smash! is the SMil Copenhagen group for transgender, lesbian and bisexual women who are attracted to each other. We will regularly host play nights and other events such as practical workshops, film nights and parties. Events will be announced in the calendar.


Queers who are into BDSM.
If you are only queer or only into BDSM, this is not for you, you must be both.

Read more here: Queer

 Copenhagen Ageplay

Copenhagen Ageplay is an internal group in SMil for everyone with an interest in ageplay. You can be experienced or new to the field. As a general rule, we hold internal “Playroom events” for SMil members every 1st Monday of the month and approx. 4 open themed parties where everyone is welcome. For our events, we make sure to set up cosy surroundings with, among other things, a. music, snacks and drinks, cosy corner and space to express yourself creatively.

What is ageplay?
The term ageplay covers consenting adults who play with a different age than the one they actually have. Ageplay can be considered an umbrella term as there are many sub-topics and ways to cultivate it. The dynamic is often between a decider type and a “little”. Ageplay can be sexual or non-sexual. There are “littles” who role-play that they are a certain age (often younger than they really are) and then there are littles who have the feeling of regression during play, i.e. that they actually feel like that age. The age at which the game is played can be from 0-100 years, depending on how the game is agreed.

Other keywords: Dom/sub relations, care giving, aftercare, safety, upbringing, brat, play with power, props that emphasize “innocence” in the form of clothes, teddy bears, creativity, diapers, DDlg, CGl, ABDL, MDlb etc. 


Spanko! is an interest group in SMil Copenhagen dedicated to all spankophile members who have a special interest in everything that involves “classical” spanking: Old-fashioned upbringing, behavioural correction, role-playing, consequences, over-the-knee spankings, corporal punishment, domestic discipline, use of old-fashioned remedies such as canes / tawses / paddles / hairbrushes / belts, corner time, detention and other similar glories.

We are an open interest group so everyone is very welcome. but please familiarize yourself with our code of conduct before attending: Spanko! Code of Conduct.


Singletail is an offer for members of SMiL who already have a singletail.

It is an experience group that focuses on the exchange of experiences and sources for training.

We will also use the association’s premises to practice swinging the whip. It will therefore be against static targets, as most people do not have the option at home without destroying lamps and trinkets.

The group is a closed group, as we want to ensure that members present have the necessary cubic meters available when the whips are swung.

Contact the group at

The Play Group (Legegruppen)

Legegruppen is an open group with a focus on play and creativity.

It can be arranged playfights, where you playfully fight with each other on the mats.
These can be themed photo shoots, where the focus is on creating images within a specific frame.
And it can be an artistic event where the focus may be on playing with paint or rope to achieve a certain expression.

Legegruppen allows taking pictures of its own play if all participants agree with it. Art and creativity are best when shared.

Legegruppen is an open group where everyone can join.

 Conscious Kink

Transformation of darkness into light through BDSM


To open up to deeper layers in ourselves and each other through BDSM play and rituals. Using BDSM in all its forms to expand consciousness and experience alternative states of mind. To release trapped energy and open up to authentic, spontaneous self-expression, in order to meet ourselves and each other anew.

To bring awareness into BDSM play and to open up the experience of energy and spirituality through BDSM practices, where inspiration from tantra, shamanism, song, dance, martial arts, etc. can be included.

To jointly co-create this by exploring variations of dominance, submission and rituals with awareness and intention.