SMil København (SMil Copenhagen) is an organisation owned and driven by it’s members. It is a place to enjoy BDSM with like minded. But also a place to just meet with like minded and talk about BDSM and everything else. It is not a swinger club or a contact agency. You are allowed to ask, but a “no” must always be respected. Discretion is a basic rule for everyone attending our premises and you must be at least 18 years of age. This secures a safe environment for everybody.

SMil København is not a public place. You can only attend as a guest to a member or at open arrangements. But twice a month we hold an introduction evening, where everyone is welcome. Usually it will be in Danish, but approximately every second month there will be an introduction in English. You can read more about the introduction evenings in the tab here.

Whether it has been agreed by the people involved or not, CIRCUS is always our official stop word, and must be respected by everyone, when playing in SMil København. If it is not respected, other members will intervene.

For more information in English, use the submenus to English in the menu.