About us

The purpose of SMug is to create events where the youngest from the scene can meet to learn and practise BDSM in a safe space.  

SMug is a group for the members of SMil Copenhagen aged between 18-35 years. It has been run by a changing group of volunteers – aka the ambassadors – the past ten years. Most of our events are open to both members of SMil and non-members. We arrange 4-5 parties every year and have just started a new concept called the Academy, where we make workshops about specific BDSM topics.

In the current team of ambassadors, we are both Danish and non-danish speakers. Likewise, the majority of our guest are danish speakers but usually not everyone which is why we aim to give information in English.

We welcome everybody between the age of 18-35 at our events regardless of gender, sexual orientation, kinks or fetishes.  

New to SMug

Never been to a SMug event? Never had any encounter with BDSM before? This is for you!


Consent and doing consent well is the absolute foundation of healthy BDSM play. Whether you’re new or experienced, please join us here for some thoughts on it.