The Academy

A safe place to learn and immerse yourself.

Introducing The SMug Academy! A safe haven for young (18-35 yrs), like-minded individuals passionate to learn about the culture, aspects and technical skills to master the world of BDSM! It consists of ambassadors who will welcome you to various chilled out workshops, hold interesting conversations and answer any or all questions you might have about designated topics. We will be tackling different kinks, fetishes, physical and psychological traits of sadomasochism and even attempting to invite special guests for a particular skill. Sometimes we might even hand out “homework”, so be punctual! Come get educated at our Academy and meet your professors!  

Sessions can have topics ranging from anything between fireplay and consent. They can also range from more talk-oriented events to more workshop-oriented events. If you have a request for a theme or a great idea for a session please let us know. If you’re interested in hosting a session we’d also love to hear from you!



Academy session #3, 14th of July

The third Academy session is happening in July and we hope to see you all there! The theme will be revealed when it’s been decided upon. Feel free to send us suggestions.


Academy Session #2, Anatomy of Impact Play

Thank you for a great second session of the Academy! It was so great to see so many people there, and we hope to see you all again for the third edition in July. The class notes can be found here.

Academy Session #1, Intro to BDSM and Safety Protocols

Thank you to all the people who came to our first ever session! We had a great time and hope you did too. The class notes can be found here. Various non-fictional and fictional resources were recommended by us and the attendees and can, as promised, be found here:...