** The party has been cancelled due to the new, stricter range of COVID restrictions in Denmark **

It’s Hallows’ Eve at SMil and we’re celebrating with our first party in many lonely months since you-know-what. Dust the spiderwebs off your impact toys, rope and restraints! For this party, we encourage you to bring your own toys if you have them, and if you don’t, be creative! You’d be surprised what household objects you can use to strike fear and excitement into a lovely ghoul friend’s still beating heart.

Costumes are very encouraged. Think classic sexy Halloween party; we hope to see bloodthirsty vampires, ravenous werewolves, devious devils and their fallen angels. Kinky kittens, bunnies and other pet players are always welcome.

What to expect on this dark and eerie night? The doors creak open at 20, where you will be greeted with a spooky welcome cocktail. Don’t be late, because around 21 we’ll have a chance to get to know each other a little better with an optional icebreaker. It’s been a while, and for some of you it will be your first time at a SMug party, and we like to get to know our fresh meat. Beyond that, there will be plenty of space for play, a bar, a lounge area, and limited private rooms.

Due to limited space and Attendance of this party is by RESERVATION ONLY! To reserve your spot, send an email to smug@smilkbh.dk with the subject line “SMug Halloween Reservation” and write your name and membership status in the body. Full names are not required and attendees can only sign up for themselves.

If you reserve your place and find out you can’t attend, PLEASE write us again so that we can open the spot up to another unwitting victim.

Please also be aware that to attend this party you must be between 18-35y or attend as a partner of someone that age. If you are older than 35 and attend as a partner, please state the name of your partner in the email.

The bar will close at 22 due to the current legislation. Please also be aware that for safety reasons one must wear a mask when stepping Into the small area around the bar (just like one has to in any other restaurant or cafe at the moment).

See you on Halloween, ghosts and ghouls!

Starts at 19.00

20 DKK, members

100 DKK, non-members

Reservation only

Reservation starts September 20

Dresscode: Festive, fetish, sexy, kinky and/or Halloween-ish