19 MARCH 2022 

SMug presents an evening of black suits, cocktails and gambling when we invite you all to a mighty Casino Royale party. You will get a chance to show off your skills at our casino tables (if you run out of betting tokens, alternative payments will be accepted 😉 ) while enjoying a freshly shaken cocktail from the bar. Of course, you can also have your usual kinky fun in our play areas or relax with fellow party goers in the lounge. No matter your taste, we guarantee an evening full of chance and excitement!
Doors open at 20:00. Please note that we close the doors at 21:00, so be sure to arrive before that.
The party is an open event, which means you can join even if you are not a member of SMil. However, please note that you must be 18-35 years – or, if older, attend as a partner of someone that age – to participate.
Rules for the gambling:
You will get a set amount of poker chips to gamble with when you pay for your entrance, these can be used to gamble at the tables where there will be played Texas Hold’em Poker and Blackjack. When playing, you can gamble the chips, or if everyone at the table agrees you can gamble some clothing or a service (e.g. getting spanked) instead, so if you lose you take off agreed upon clothes or do the service.
Lost clothes should stay at the table so when you are done playing you can have your clothes back and not lose them during the party.
The gambling isn’t restricted to the tables we set up, so if you come up with another way of gambling with people, feel free to do that.
Rules for poker and blackjack will be available at the tables, or you can find the rules online.

Starts at 20.00

20 DKK, members

100 DKK, non-members

Dresscode: Black suits, cocktail dresses, butterflies (or your regular kink attire)