The participants at SMug events usually have quite different levels of experience and interests within BDSM. Some have been practising for years, others just bring their curiosity and may even be unsure what roles they desire most. Some identify as Tops, Doms or Sadists. Some as bottoms, submissives or masochists. Some as switches and some like other labels and some do not find any of them fitting. Whatever category you belong to you are welcome as long as you share our common interest in BDSM!

So what to expect at your first SMug event? Well if it’s a party we usually offer to show you around while explaining the basic rules of behavior in SMil if you are not already familiar with them. Many times we also facilitate some kind of icebreaker activity that you can join if you want to meet the other guests. Sometimes we encourage our guests to participate in prepared play activities and sometimes we have planned some kinky entertainment for the evening.

Some attendants bring a partner (or partners) but many show up looking to meet new people and maybe find a play partner. While you might experience people playing during the evening there is usually also a lot of people that mainly come to socialise and speak with like-minded people. For those who do play, SMil offers both the opportunity of public and private play areas. 


The rooms at SMil

SMil is a Danish BDSM club with divisions in Copenhagen, Århus, Odense and Aalborg. SMug is the youth division of SMil Copenhagen. SMil was created to make a safe space to meet peers and practice BDSM so that people didn’t have to rely on meeting strangers from the internet to develop a kinky network and could have access to BDSM rooms and equipment. Generally, a membership is needed to come to the events in SMil but some events are “open” (which means that a membership is not required). That is true for pretty much all the SMug events. Non-members are, however, required to pay an entrance fee to enter SMil of 80 DKK, which means that the ticket price will be higher for non-members who decide to come to our events (and that non-members need to pay even if an event is free for members). Exceptions include introduction events and events where the participants are there only to help us. To become a member of SMil it is required to go to an introduction. Dates for those can be found on the website If you want to read more about SMil’s other divisions you can visit

There are two rules at SMil that are good to know:
1. If the door to a room is closed it means that someone is in it and it is generally not allowed to open it until they come out.
2. “Cirkus” is a shared stopword at SMil. If anyone says that you must stop any activity immediately. 


(If you want to write in our guestbook look for the little black book at our next party or write us a message on Fetlife or over email!)

“One of the best things about smug is definitely the parties. But also the openminded, respectful atmosphere that is necessary when playing.”
SMug ambassador, 33 years, top

“Dear SMug,

Thanks for providing us all with a safe haven.
If it wasn’t for SMug – the openness, the great experiences and the continous stream of good parties, I might never have become a part of SMil Copenhagen.


Guest at the Birthday Party '18

“Thanks for a nice evening where I, even though I didn’t know anyone, was given a warm welcome.”

(translated from Danish)

Guest at the Birthday Party '18

“Since the first time I’ve been to smug I’ve always felt comfortable, it’s a very welcoming group with diversity in terms of gender and sexual orientation. It’s a great place to make kinky friends.”
SMug ambassador, 27 years, masochist


Thank you for being a…
place for freedom
place for lust
place for kink and for everything

We love it”

(translated from Danish)

Guest at the Birthday Party '18

“Mmm I have just been spoiled with a bunch of spanks. Now it’s time to cozy up with a blanket.”

Guest at the Birthday Party '18