Come celebrate spring with SMug the 12th of May

Spring time, and therefore mating season is upon us. That means you get to dress up in your kinky outfit (animalistic or not) and meet with fellow kinky young people to play and party.

We will arrange a “speed mating”, a catwalk for all exhibitionist animals, fighting and petting areas and more activities might come up as well. As always you are free to participate in whatever crazy’n’kinky activity we put up for your amusement!
Bring your inner animal or kinky self, start flexing and get ready for the Spring Party at the 12th of May, 8 pm at SMil København, Skjulhøj Alle 57A, Vanløse.

Remember you must be between 18 – 35 years old unless you are invited by a partner that age.

The entry fee is 20 kr for members of SMil and 100kr for non-members. The dresscode is what usually applies in SMil at Fridays included all animal and pet inspired outfits.

Manifest calls out for all fetish youngsters –
20 Years Birthday Ball 14.4.18

Manifest turns 20 this year. Soon we are no more a teenager, but we are still a bit crazy and experimenting.  We like to invite you all to our 20 Year Birthday Ball and encourage you to have a hell of a pre-party and join us.

How do I get in as cheap as possible? Here is the trick! 

ManiFest Fetish Club is a members club. So actually, you need to sign up as a member. BUT – if you are under 27 of age, and if you know someone who already is a member of ManiFest, you can save a lot of money. All you need to do is to arrive with a member of ManiFest, and you get in for 180,- DKr. So ask in you network who is a member of ManiFest – we believe you will find someone. 

If you are already a member of ManiFest and you are under 27 of age, you can get in for only 125,- 

Cheer up – we will tell you a little trick! Let’s try with a simple example: A group of ten cool youngsters under 27 of age shares a membership 250,- DKr = 25 DKr each. They have a great pre-party, dress up and go together. (Psst…. We have shuttle busses from Chr.havn Metro directly to the party and back again.) Then they arrive with the member and pay each 180,- DKr. Total expense getting in 205,- DKr. You just saved a bunch of money. Note: A membership is personal and can’t be handed over.

Sorry to say champ – it’s a myth that all fetish clothes is expensive. You don’t need a full latex outfit or crazy leather harness to join the crowd. We have a lot of members who create their own stunning outfits for small money. Our dresscode doesn’t allow wool, cotton or any everyday clothes – but you can get a long way being creative. We encourage you to have a look at etsy, pinterest for inspiration. Check our dresscode at:

At our event we update with news and important info. Here you can see DJ’s, info about busses and more.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact us – in Danish or English.

We are looking forward to party with you! 
ManiFest Fetish Club Copenhagen