Not so long ago in a very old castle...

Her bottom lip trailed over the skin of the mortal boy beneath her, tasting the sun still lingering on his skin and feeling it burn her slightly. Sharp, marble teeth pressed gently against him and his breath hitched and he craned his neck, exposing himself for her, inviting, almost begging. The sweet, iron taste of his blood flooded her mouth and the boy shuddered, his eyes glazing over as the venom struck his mind.

Then the doors flew open and she sighed, exasperated, and withdrew, knowing there was only one person in her castle who would interrupt her like this.

„Dear! Do you know what we haven’t done in centuries?”

„What…?” she answered drily, blood running down from her mouth, as her Consort swept into the room, fiery red fabrics flowing around her.

„Two things! A masquerade. And a Hallow’s Eve celebration.”

A tired growl escaped her as she realised she wasn’t gonna get any peace until she’d indulged her.

„Fine,” she groaned, „And who are we inviting to this thing?”

„Everyone,” her wife answered, a coy smile catching her lips.

The Queen frowned slightly and looked at the frail, desperate thing draped over her lap. „Even the mortals?”

A wicked grin split her lover’s face as a familiar mischief played dangerously in her eyes.

Especially the mortals…”

Queen Kharis of the Vermillion Realms and her Consort Magdalena cordially invite you to the greatest Hallow’s Eve celebration of this century (they would know, they’ve been to every noteworthy one). The invitation extends to anyone, be they vampire, demon, werewolf, undead or even human. They only ask that you wear your finest suit, gown or lingerie and a mask or veil to hide your face, though they will provide masks to anyone who doesn’t have one. The festivities begin at 20.00 and they ask their guests to be there before 21.00, since they’ll have a few things planned that you wouldn’t wanna miss.

As always you must be between 18 and 35 years old, or (if you’re older) with someone who is.

Starts at 20.00

20 DKK, members

100 DKK, non-members